What Is The Best Epoxy Floor Coating For A Garage?

high gloss epoxy garage floorWhen it comes to painting your garage floor, it is important to use the right epoxy floor coating. Not only to ensure it is going to last for years to come, but also to protect the actual flooring materials. Not only will this extend the life of your garage floors, it will also protect the surface, and it will help ensure the best traction and safety, during wet or snowy seasons. Additionally, if you plan on selling your home any time in the near future, new epoxy flooring in the garage can add to the value, and work as a selling point.

High Bonding

When applying the epoxy finish, you should use an epoxy paint that maintains a strong bond to the finish. Not only will this prevent costly and unnecessary repairs or replacements later on, it is also a good option if you are planning on applying more than one coat. With the best quality epoxy paint, one coat should suffice, but with a high bonding solution, if you choose to apply more than one coat, it will not take you days, or even weeks, but can be done in one day without the worry of a peel up.

Protect The Flooring

With an epoxy paint, you can also protect the actual flooring material. Whether it is concrete, or some type of rock based material, an epoxy coating can provide more strength. Garage floors are going to go through a number of tests. From entering and exiting with a 2000 pound car each day, to the tools and yard equipment, bikes, and all other items that go in and out of the garage each day, you want to protect the actual flooring. With corrosive materials, your garage floor can easily be damaged, if you do not have a powerful sealant and protective barrier; this is where the epoxy coating will come in. It will cover the garage’s floor, and provide the extra layer of protection, so you do not have to spend thousands every few years, to resurface the garage floors.

Great Looking Finish

A shiny epoxy coating is also going to add depth, and a great look to the space. It is going to create a clean look, and will shine , so your garage is going to look good at all times. Whether you simply want to have that neat looking space, and clean floor, or whether you do have plans to sell the home, and want the floors to look good when you bring potential buyers to the different areas, the epoxy coating will provide that clean, new look and feel to the garage space.

You want to know your car is safe, and that your garage flooring will last for years to come. When you use a basic paint to coat the floor, no protective barrier will be added. With a powerful, high bonding epoxy finish, not only do you have a peel up resistant, great looking floor, you are also going to add the protective layer, so your garage floors do not undergo as much damage as they might, with other floor paints.

At Omaha Floor Expressions, we only use the highest quality epoxy flooring for garages.